Sign in is the URL Shortener provided by GitHub, which can only be used to shorten GitHub URLs ( and…or it supposed to be.

With some simple tricks you can create a shortened link with any URL you want.

  • Visit
  • Press F12, navigate to “Console”
  • Enter the following code
var mylink=new FormData();
  • Replace the url and YourCustomPath, remember to use “\\” to replace “/”
  • Run the code, if it does not return any error, you have succeeded!

Here is how it works.

  • The parser recognizes “” as host and the “\\tag\\about\\\u0000AnythingHere” …

I have been gaming remotely for years, though there is a serval approach for streaming from your computer. In my opinion, there’s no doubt that Parsec is the most outstanding one. The NAT-traversal technology Parsec used is so advanced that it can be widely used in complex network environment. And the video encoding is very efficient too. Overall, considering the latency and the accessibility, Parsec is way better than RDP, Steam Remote Play, Moonlight, Dixper, etc.

The Problem

However, most of those solutions — including Parsec — requires a working monitor, no matter a real one, a fake one or a virtual…

Arche Basic

Enthusiast of Front-end, Network Engineering and Cybersecurity.

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