How to create a custom shortened URL is the URL Shortener provided by GitHub, which can only be used to shorten GitHub URLs ( and…or it supposed to be.

With some simple tricks you can create a shortened link with any URL you want.

  • Visit
  • Press F12, navigate to “Console”
  • Enter the following code
var mylink=new FormData();
  • Replace the url and YourCustomPath, remember to use “\\” to replace “/”
  • Run the code, if it does not return any error, you have succeeded!

Here is how it works.

  • The parser recognizes “” as host and the “\\tag\\about\\\u0000AnythingHere” as HTTP Basic Auth credentials
  • So is a valid github URL
  • insert “\\tag\\about\\\"- “YourCustomPath” into the database
  • When you visit this page, gitio tries to return this URL as the redirect path
  • But \u0000 in the URL truncated the following characters
  • Now you are being redirected to\tag\about\

Enjoy it :)

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