How to run Parsec without monitor? Here’s a virtual monitor solution for you (Indirect Display)

The Problem

However, most of those solutions — including Parsec — require a working monitor, no matter a real one, a fake one or a virtual one, as far as your operating system recognizes it. So now you have five choices:

  • You can directly inject the EDID to Professional workstations GPUs via your GPU control panel
  • You have HDMI Dummy Plug on amazons for only 7.5$
  • Virtual Display from SplashTop and VNC, which I have never succeed.
  • For Windows versions below 1607, you can force Windows to create a virtual monitor via Control Panel - Display - Screen Resolution - Multiple Displays - Try Connect anyway on: VGA
Doesn’t work on Windows version above 1607
  • Indirect Display Driver for Windows 10

Building the Driver

Assuming that you have the latest Visual Studio installed, if not, then it is recommended to scroll directly to the end.

We need to modify Driver.h and Driver.cpp
static constexpr DWORD IDD_SAMPLE_MONITOR_COUNT = 1; 
static constexpr size_t szModeList = 4;
Vulnerability has nothing to do with me LOL

Installing the Driver

First, install IddSampleDriver.cer to Trusted Root Certification Authorities stor in your Local Machine. You can refer to Microsoft’s Official document.

All the resolutions you get in my precompiled driver

Download Precompiled Driver

If you have any doubts about the security of executable files and drivers, I recommend compiling by yourself according to the method above.



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